With These Classy Clip-On Lenses, You Can Call Your Nude Pics Art

Amateur iPhone photographers know that Apple's camera is capable of producing some impressive images, by most standards. With each new model, the camera only gets better. So, at this point, it seems almost appropriate for a line of slick clip-on lenses to come on the market—no matter how impossibly twee they might be. »5/24/12 3:00am5/24/12 3:00am


Olympus PEN F Cloned, Digitized and Turned into Quirky Toy Camera

The Gizmon Half D is curious little boutique digital camera, coming loaded with colour effects and cute split frame options. It also clones the look of the famed 1960s 35mm half-frame Olympus Pen F (inset above) rather well, offering a collection of interchangeable lenses for pretending it's a proper camera and you're… »2/16/11 4:40am2/16/11 4:40am