Our MacBook Air Review Matrix

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The so-called "four horsemen" of Apple product reviews have weighed in on the near weightless MacBook Air. You may have seen our post on it last night. You may have even caught one or two of the reviews. But only now can you sit back and enjoy the best quotes from all four reviews in a handy… » 1/24/08 9:00am 1/24/08 9:00am

Our Leopard Review Matrix

Click to viewDon't have time to read over the full reviews from NYT's David Pogue, USA Today's Ed Baig and WSJ's Walt Mossberg? Read our handy review matrix instead, where we break out everything that wasn't merely feature description in an easy-to-compare chart. You can thank us later! » 10/25/07 9:52am 10/25/07 9:52am


Xbox Live is throwing a contest to find the next great TV show. All you have to do to enter is make a 5- to 15-minute pilot, and pray that your clip is selected to be one of the six finalists. » 4/16/07 7:07pm 4/16/07 7:07pm

Giznotes: April 10, 2007

Epic wants to give you free maps for Gears of War, they really do. But according to Tim Sweeney, Microsoft just won't allow it. They want to set a consistent example with paying for downloadable content. » 4/10/07 5:36pm 4/10/07 5:36pm


MS is being sued for itsliberal use of the Vista-capable sticker. The lawsuit claims that the sticker misleads the consumer into believing that the labled item can fully run the new operating system. » 4/04/07 5:05pm 4/04/07 5:05pm