See One of America's Most Iconic Buildings Get Engulfed In Fake Fog

Veil, by Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya, is the latest creative installation at Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. For ten minutes every hour, the iconic structure disappears behind a big billowing fog until the mist dissipates and whaddya know—there it is again! » 4/24/14 4:22pm 4/24/14 4:22pm

Van Parks, Bubble Emerges, Man Inside

You know what they say about people who live in glass houses—but what about plastic bubbles? For the next ten days, a American artist named Alex Schweder is occupying this teensy inflatable home—that attaches to a van via scissor lift—at the site of Philip Johnson's famous Glass House in the name of art. » 10/11/13 4:40pm 10/11/13 4:40pm