Casio G-Shocks Updated In Crazy Colors

If those all-terrain Casio watches were too rich for your blood » 8/13/08 7:56pm 8/13/08 7:56pm, fret not: There's a slew of new G-Shocks that look good and are pretty cheap. Up there are the Baby-Gs, which come in some wild bright colors with a patent leather look, have the cool reflective back, and are water resistant to 100 meters. They also come …

Crazy Kassou Car: Confusing, Like a Giraffe With Batwings

As a tall guy I can appreciate that designer Nicholas Lee Dunderdale incorporated an adjustable roof into his 3-wheeled Kassou concept car. The rubber "neck" can be raised or lowered depending on the passenger's need for headroom or better aerodynamics. But, to be honest, this thing looks like some sort of crazy science… » 7/31/08 8:30pm 7/31/08 8:30pm

Single-Use Video Camera Concept Takes the Pain Out of Converting Video

Here's another video camera concept from the folks at Yanko Design. The Glide, which is the brainchild of Greg Schramek, is a USB drive with a lens and controls for shooting video. Once you've finished shooting your digital masterpiece, you trade the drive in at a grocery store kiosk where it's converted into a DVD… » 4/12/07 10:22am 4/12/07 10:22am