Flying this Nazi glider from 1938 seems incredibly fun

This dude is flying a Schulgleiter SG38 over Baden-Württemberg, in Germany, an extremely rare glider built in 1938 for the National Socialist Flyers Corps, a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party. 10,000 of them were made, and many of the pilots who learn to fly on it became Luftwaffe pilots. » 6/09/14 8:22pm 6/09/14 8:22pm

Orlens Glider Concept is Green, Recyclable Air Transport of the Future

This concept glider, dubbed Orlens, is attention-grabbing through its rather beautiful shape alone. But when you look into how it would work, you can see that designer Roland Cernat has put a lot of thought into its greenness. It would be made of entirely recycled materials, and be recyclable itself, would have… » 7/18/08 7:16am 7/18/08 7:16am