Flying this Nazi glider from 1938 seems incredibly fun

This dude is flying a Schulgleiter SG38 over Baden-Württemberg, in Germany, an extremely rare glider built in 1938 for the National Socialist Flyers Corps, a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party. 10,000 of them were made, and many of the pilots who learn to fly on it became Luftwaffe pilots. » 6/09/14 7:39pm 6/09/14 7:39pm

Using An Undersea Glider To Record a Terabyte of Whale Noises

At the tail-end of last year, researchers managed to successfully collect close to a terabyte of recordings of beaked whales off the coast of Hawaii, using the first acoustic-equipped undersea glider to travel to the depths, some 1,000m down. » 6/11/10 5:53am 6/11/10 5:53am

Crazy Teenager Takes Off In Homemade Pedal-Powered Aircraft

Everyone wishes they could fly, but this 19-year-old kid spent three years building his dream from balsa wood, rip-resistant foil and plastic wrap. And amazingly, the 85-foot-wingspan craft has already hopped a distance of about 35 feet. » 9/01/09 12:40pm 9/01/09 12:40pm

Orlens Glider Concept is Green, Recyclable Air Transport of the Future

This concept glider, dubbed Orlens, is attention-grabbing through its rather beautiful shape alone. But when you look into how it would work, you can see that designer Roland Cernat has put a lot of thought into its greenness. It would be made of entirely recycled materials, and be recyclable itself, would have… » 7/18/08 7:16am 7/18/08 7:16am

MousEeX Mouse Glider Adds Weird Functionality to Your Mouse

The MousEX Glider pad is weird in the sense that most people wouldn't come up with a pad you rest your mouse on that you slide around with your hand. Why would anybody do this? » 11/26/07 9:30pm 11/26/07 9:30pm

Glider Mouse Glides for Ergonomics

This is Hela's Glider Mouse that looks odd as hell, but supposedly works pretty well. Rather than being to the side of the keyboard, like traditional mice, the Glider Mouse sits between you and the keyboard. The little knob simply glides around the trackpad. Supposedly the mouse is more ergonomic by preventing the… » 11/01/06 11:47am 11/01/06 11:47am