Kobo Arc and Kobo Glo: Can a Tablet and eReader From an Underdog…

Despite its relative success, the Nook eReader and tablet from Barnes and Noble have often been viewed as underdog devices trying to go up against the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. So imagine the position that Kobo is in with its 6-inch Kobo Glo eReader and 7-inch Kobo Arc Android tablet. Yep. » 9/06/12 2:00am 9/06/12 2:00am

Shiny TiVo Glo Remote Available as Stand-Alone

TiVo is shipping the Glo Remote, the luxo-premium controller that's normally included with the TiVo Series 3 HD box, as a $50 standalone product. Of course, it works with the Series 3 but also works with most Series 2 units, too. » 11/03/06 12:39pm 11/03/06 12:39pm