Vladimir Putin Tests Russian GPS on His Own Dog

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been pushing for a Russian satellite navigation system known unfortunately as GLONASS, and yesterday the system had its first launch: a tracking collar for the PM's dog, a black labrador named Koni. According to Putin, "She's wagging her tail, she likes it." GLONASS has had… » 10/18/08 9:15am 10/18/08 9:15am

Russia Launches Final Global Positioning Satellites, None of Them of…

Russians have finally completed GLONASS, which means "Vodka without hangovers" or "global navigation satellite system." This military project began in the mid-'70s as a response to the US-based GPS to languish in the post-Soviet economic crisis until the always nice and charming ex-KGB Vladimir Putin decided to push… » 12/26/07 6:24am 12/26/07 6:24am