HandTalk Glove Turns Sign Language Into Words via Cellphone

Attempts at making a glove into a communication device for the deaf have been going on for years now, but a group of undergraduate computer engineering students at Carnegie Melon have come up with what has to be the most practical design to date. The main difference being that it translates sign messages through a… » 5/09/08 5:00pm 5/09/08 5:00pm

RallyPoint Combat Glove for Computing Under Fire

Wearable computers may be a reality in today's army, but use is restricted to safe environs like a bunker or an armored vehicle—out in the open, soldiers' priority is keeping hold of their guns. The RallyPoint Handwear Computer Input Device is unique in that it is designed specifically to be used even while the… » 4/29/08 10:10am 4/29/08 10:10am

Snowboard Glove Concept Controls Your iPod via Non-Romantic Gestures

This is a demonstration of the previously seen iPod glove control concept, allowing snowboarders to control their music without reaching into a pocket and fiddling with the not-made-for-gloves Click Wheel. As you can see, different combinations of finger presses bring up tracks in Postal Service's serviceable studio… » 11/02/07 2:17pm 11/02/07 2:17pm

Can't Sleep? Love Yourself With Aromahand

Attention one-handed typists: Put the Aromahand on that all-important non-typing hand, and it's certain to smell a whole lot better than that tube sock you've been using. Aromahand's makers have a more serious purpose, citing the benefits of aromatherapy as a basis for the effectiveness of this special glove stuffed… » 3/21/07 11:00am 3/21/07 11:00am

Prototype Bluetooth Glove Brings New Possibilities to Gaming

Not only can this prototype Bluetooth glove act as a theoretical Wii controller, it can pretty much talk to any Bluetooth device out there. The glove is made out of standard acrylic, but has fingertip sensors that induces a current when touched together. By making different combinations between your fingers and… » 2/27/07 3:00pm 2/27/07 3:00pm

CPR Glove Save Lives, Gives Robot-Look

Not only is this CPR glove badass because it could potentially save lives, it is even more amazing because it looks somewhat like a Nintendo Power Glove and can give that bionic/robot look you have always dreamed of. The CPR glove was the brainwork of students at the McMaster (not to be confused with McDonalds, their… » 2/14/07 12:40pm 2/14/07 12:40pm

Photographer's Gloves Keeps Your Fingers Toasty

Essentially the same as hobo gloves, these photographers gloves keep your hands toasty as you snap off pics of Brangelina's new baby in whatever third world country they happen to be in this week. The only difference between these and standard fingerless gloves is that your pinkie and ring finger are protected, which… » 12/07/06 4:00pm 12/07/06 4:00pm

Silky Glove Spa: Gimmee Gimmee Shock Treatment

For those losing the battle with cellulite we present the Silky Glove Spa. Slip on a pair of these electrode-enamored gloves for 12,800 yen ($110) to get your untoned hips and sagging upper arms stimulated. Electrical current is sent to the nerves in your muscles to cause rapid expansion and contraction. The ad copy… » 9/20/06 1:25pm 9/20/06 1:25pm