How An App Helped Me (And 20,000 Other Women) Get Pregnant

Last summer I sat in the bathroom of an Irish pub, trying desperately to solve a math equation. I had abandoned my friends at the bar, where I’d been pretending to drink an IPA, to tend to this pressing arithmetic in private. If I solved correctly for ‘x,’ the answer would provide me with some crucial… »8/28/14 12:00pm8/28/14 12:00pm


What Death Looks Like: A Fast-Spreading Glowing Blue Wave

Dead is dead, some famous TV show about vacationing on an island once said. But how does dead, well, look? How do billions of cells shut off at once? An international team of researchers found that it comes in a wave. Death spreads through a special necrosis pathway that leaves dead cells as it passes through. A blue… »7/24/13 10:19pm7/24/13 10:19pm

Battery Powered Yarn Illuminates Clothing, Mostly Breasts

Researchers in England have developed a battery powered textile yarn that can be used to illuminate the clothes of joggers, cyclists, or outdoor workers for protection. This electroluminescent yarn, or "EL yarn," is technically a multi-layer electroluminescent film composite material made from yarn and dipped in a… »10/26/07 7:20pm10/26/07 7:20pm