Why This Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Costs $225 a Scoop

Of all the unique varieties that Ben & Jerry's has concocted over the years, nothing can come close to the wonderful absurdity that is this glowing ice cream created by Charlie Francis. Using a synthesized version of the luminescent proteins that cause jellyfish to glow when they're agitated, this gleaming frozen… »11/04/13 1:20pm11/04/13 1:20pm


USB LED Light Tube Speaker is Like Bad Sci-Fi Prop For Your Desk

This transparent, glowing USB speaker is either missing one glowing arm to make it look like a flux capacitor »7/03/08 6:51am7/03/08 6:51am, or has one arm too many to be the light on top of the . It's weird. But if you're into EL-wire PC case modding, then I suppose this blue LED-lit USB speaker from Brando might be up your street. Measuring…

REMY Biometric Blanket Wakes You with News on Your Snooze

Designer Dasha Anokhina has created a concept that takes Glo pillow's design to a new level: REMY is a whole dawn-simulating alarm blanket. The system monitors your sleeping movements with a bedside camera. Then, near your chosen alarm time, the blanket begins to light up with an image representing your sleep pattern,… »5/27/08 6:25am5/27/08 6:25am

Glowing Umbrella Keeps You Infinitesimally Safer at Night

Glowing umbrellas usually light up their shafts rather than their mushroom-like tips, but this concept "Glowing Umbrella" has a glowing parasol to illuminate your way at night. It's lovely in the way that a black, non-light up umbrella isn't, but is only a concept for now. If science and technology could manage to… »11/27/07 2:35pm11/27/07 2:35pm

Glowing Toilet Seat Makes Your Deposits Look Really Disgusting

Luckily most of us at Giz are still young enough not to have to wake up multiple times a night to pee, but when we do reach that stage, we're investing in a Glowing Toilet Seat. Just bright enough so you don't make a mess that our wives we have to clean up in the morning, but not bright enough so you can't fall back… »3/02/07 4:00pm3/02/07 4:00pm