Reusable Glue Gives You a Mulligan by Unsticking Under UV Light

Researchers at Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, or AIRT for short, have developed a remarkable new adhesive that can solidify (stick) or liquify (unstick) at room temperature with a blast from a UV light. » 2/07/13 8:41am 2/07/13 8:41am

This Centimeter of Dried Glue Is Apparently Worth Thousands of Dollars

This glob of dried glue kind of looks like Homer Simpson. Kind of. The thing is that this insignificant blip in the scheme of humanity is about to sell on eBay UK for a metric crap ton. It's at £151,000 with two days to go. » 1/27/12 3:20pm 1/27/12 3:20pm

Mcor Matrix 3D Printer Replicates Objects on the Cheap With Simple…

3D printers are awesome. Feed them a computer model, and out comes a real object-often with complexity that is impossible to conjure into reality via any other means. Still blows my mind nearly every time I see one in action. Especially cool, then, is the Mcor Matrix, a 3D Printer that aims to keep cost of ownership at … » 11/07/08 10:40am 11/07/08 10:40am

F-22 Raptor Airframes Falling Apart Due to Bad Glue

According to a just-released Air Combat Command report, 30 of the F-22A Raptors delivered by Lockheed Martin use "inadequate adhesive" in their airframes. That means two things in plain language: bad glue; and big trouble. » 3/28/08 8:30am 3/28/08 8:30am