Mcor Matrix 3D Printer Replicates Objects on the Cheap With Simple…

3D printers are awesome. Feed them a computer model, and out comes a real object-often with complexity that is impossible to conjure into reality via any other means. Still blows my mind nearly every time I see one in action. Especially cool, then, is the Mcor Matrix, a 3D Printer that aims to keep cost of ownership… » 11/07/08 10:40am 11/07/08 10:40am

Weird Combo of the Day: Five Dice Free With Glue

This has to be one of the weirder combos we've seen, but Ricardo sent in this picture of a tube of glue that comes free with a dice game in his Portuguese supermarket. We know whenever we have to do some home repair we always wish we had some dice to throw around, and we definitely know that whenever we're playing… » 9/27/07 8:00pm 9/27/07 8:00pm