Researchers Squeeze Blood Proteins from Rice

Human Serum Albumin (HSA) is a protein commonly used in vaccines and often administered for serious burn injuries and liver disease and commonly in short supply due to a lack of donors. That's why researchers from Wuhan University have figured out how to grow it—not in people, but in rice. » 11/01/11 3:40am 11/01/11 3:40am

The GMC Van Makes a Comeback on eBay, Baby

Some of my best childhood memories are napping-away in the back bed-seat of our old van. But this four-axle GMC is going to make me need some therapy. Because aside from stylish oak kitchen cabinets and a comfortable La-Z-Boy recliner, the van makes room for a sauna (and they don't just mean that the A/C doesn't… » 7/07/08 10:15am 7/07/08 10:15am

Delicious (and Not So Delicious) GMC PC Case Designs

Although we think CeBIT is largely a waste of convention center, one standout was Korean PC-case master GMC (no relation to America's own troubled automotive titan). Its sexiest case concept was by far the disc-shaped red-and-black beauty captured by Aving above. Even its simple name, "Pot," evokes a feeling of peace and … » 3/08/08 2:00pm 3/08/08 2:00pm