Tricycles Were Never This Much Fun When You Were a Kid

At one time it was best known for those compact folding scooters embraced by tweens a few years back, but nowadays Razor is making a new name for itself with electric ride-on toys that seem more exciting than getting your drivers license. If the Crazy Cart was any indication, Razor's new Power Rider Tricycle will be… » 8/11/14 12:24pm 8/11/14 12:24pm

Real life Mario Kart is ridiculously fast and even more fun

Mario Kart just might be the funnest video game in the entire world. Only the soulless can't find enjoyment in go kart racing with super fast Mushroom speed, red shells and Nintendo characters. So you can imagine the even more ridiculous levels of fun you can have if you turned Mario Kart into a real life race against… » 12/05/13 10:54pm 12/05/13 10:54pm

Nothing Has Ever (Or Will Ever) Look as Fun as This Driftable Go-Kart

Razor can be as proud as they want for making scooters cool again, but what the company will really go down in history for is this creation: a go-kart called the Crazy Cart that turns anyone at the wheel into a master drifter. » 7/11/13 3:36pm 7/11/13 3:36pm

Every Child Millionaire Needs To Own a Pedal-Porsche

Power Wheels? Yeah right. The real upper-class twerps set their sights a little higher, and pester hedge-fund manager parents for something along this lines of this kids-only Porsche. "It's oooooonly $900. Pretty please?" » 6/17/13 1:44pm 6/17/13 1:44pm

The Smallest Car in the World Is Painfully Tiny but Ridiculously Cute

On the BBC show Top Gear, host Jeremy Clarkson showed off a car so damn tiny that it hurts to ride it. Or well, it looks pretty painful at least. Called the P45, the car is more like a go kart than a real car but it's cute in a ridiculous way. The helmet serves as a roof and windshield, the armor he wears while… » 2/05/13 11:00pm 2/05/13 11:00pm

Awesome Go-Kart Is a Life-Size Chariot Made of Lego

It may not drive very fast (yet!), but this awesome go-kart, which can hold a grown child and seemingly also an adult, is definitely cool. It's a veritable lego chariot! » 8/28/12 1:20am 8/28/12 1:20am

This 13-Year-Old Boy Is the Fastest Kid in the World

13-year-old Brit Tim Parker was named the Fastest Kid in the World, earlier this month, at the Kent-based (and unfortunately named) HPV Championships—which, in this case, stands for Human Powered Vehicle. » 6/23/12 1:40am 6/23/12 1:40am

Will You Be the Next Owner of This Jet-Engine Powered Go-Kart?

Take a serious inventory of your financial situation right now, because you may just have to have this jet-engine powered custom-crafted go-kart. » 6/15/12 11:00pm 6/15/12 11:00pm

Instructions for Building Your Very Own Awesome, Mario-Inspired Go-Kart

Remember the Chibikart—that awesome, Mario-inspired go-kart built by MIT student Charles Guan? We loved it in an only-an-MIT-student-could-come-up-with-something-this-sweet sort of way. Luckily for us, Guan has just polished off the finishing touches on a newer, more accessible design that he says can be built even… » 6/01/12 8:00pm 6/01/12 8:00pm