Watch a $200 Camera and a Mirror Effect Turn a Short Drive Into a…

Click to viewUh, whoa. Flickr user cshimala mounted a GoPro Hero HD camera to his windshield and took a drive across an overcast Chicago. A simple mirror effect transformed it into a surreal journey through some dreamlike waterworld. [Flickr via Reddit] » 12/20/10 11:20am 12/20/10 11:20am

GoPro Releasing Cheapest HD Helmet Cams

GoPro, known for its stellar line of helmet-attached HD cameras, is planning to release an even more affordable model, set at $180. Engadget speculates the extreme sports cam will offer 960p recording, based on its model name, the HD Hero 960. [Engagdet] » 8/04/10 1:03pm 8/04/10 1:03pm