Chinese-Themed Microsoft Arc Mice Can Get Lost In Your Pottery Collection

During my visit to Hong Kong, Brian showed me to a local design store called G.O.D. (Goods Of Desire), which kind of reminded me of a China kitsch-themed Urban Outfitters. When I get a chance to go back there, I'm definitely saving up some money for these laser mice, a Microsoft Arc and G.O.D. mashup. Man, could you… »12/02/08 12:30am12/02/08 12:30am

Dark Blade PC Mod Finally Complete - Even More Godly Than Before

We covered the Dark Blade aluminum and stainless steel case here and here last year, when it was still in its infancy. Gianluca, the case-modder, has finally completed this thing after more than a year's worth of hard work during which his wife divorced him, his kids died from malnutrition and his boss fired him from… »10/04/06 8:30pm10/04/06 8:30pm