Beautiful NASA satellite photos reveal South Korea's seaweed farms

Here’s some awesome shots from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center showing the intricate puzzle of seaweed farms in South Korea. The fields of seaweed are grown on ropes strung along the southern coast of South Korea around Sisan Island. It makes for a beautiful image when seen from afar. » 5/02/15 7:00pm 5/02/15 7:00pm

The Most Accurate, Highest Resolution Night Earth View to Date: Black Marble

This is the most accurate, highest resolution true color night image of planet Earth to date. These images are truly extraordinary, "an unprecedented new look at our planet at night," as NASA says. It's the newest and sleekest version of the Blue Marble. NASA calls it the Black Marble. And it's stunning indeed. » 12/05/12 2:56pm 12/05/12 2:56pm