Why a Gold iPhone 5S Actually Makes Sense

Full disclosure: We've been seeing the gold iPhone rumors for weeks now, but have largely been brushing them aside. Fake Apple rumors are as easy to come by as tangled EarPod cords this close to a new product launch, and this one in particular seemed too outlandish, too... tacky. But gold iPhone reports have reached… » 8/19/13 12:26pm 8/19/13 12:26pm

Woman Coats iPhones in Gold For Your Pleasure

Remember this woman? The one that was going to coat your iPods and cellphones in gold? She's taken it to the next step and is now offering to coat both an iPod and a cellphone in gold—that's right, an iPhone. For an as-of-yet undecided price, you too can have the rims of your iPhone be gold (seen after the jump), just… » 10/08/07 3:20pm 10/08/07 3:20pm