Golden Shellback's Waterproofing Voodoo Magic Now Available For Purchase

Golden Shellback started circulating videos »11/26/08 6:07am11/26/08 6:07am of their extraordinary gadget waterproofing treatment in action way back in July, and it took us a while () to really believe that it works. Well, it does, and now you can buy it. That is, if you're willing to send the company your gadget to be treated with their…


Golden Shellback Hands-on: Phones Can Make Calls While Underwater

I just got to play with a phone that had been waterproofed using the Golden Shellback technology, and it was pretty amazing, not to mention legit. In the video above, Golden Shellback inventor Sid Martin took a Golden Shellbacked BB Pearl, started a call, dropped it in a glass of ice water, and it all worked… »7/24/08 10:30pm7/24/08 10:30pm

Waterproof Gadget Coating is Invisible, Mystifying, Mind Boggling Witchcraft

Golden Shellback is a coating that lets you spill, pour, or submerge your gadget in a liquid and have it survive. Golden Shellback says it will protect against oils, water-based liquids, synthetic fluids, dust and dirt. Tekzilla's Patrick Norton shot a segment on Golden Shellback and has footage of cellphones and CB… »7/21/08 8:23pm7/21/08 8:23pm