Air Force One Golf Clubs Use Compressed Nitrogen to Help You Hit Farther

Have you ever heard the adage that you can buy a better golf game? I really is true. Over the years my game has improved dramatically because of improvements in club design—but I never expected to be swinging anything like the Air Force One. On paper, PowerBilt's idea makes a lot of sense—by filling a clubhead with… »11/13/08 1:50pm11/13/08 1:50pm

Electronic Golf Caddy Carries Your Clubs Sans Judgment Or Teen Angst

Yet another job for pimply 16-year-olds has been rendered obsolete with technology, now that golfers can use the Shadow Caddy—a fully autonomous golf club carrying cart that trails behind you automatically. The three-wheeled cart works by following a signal from a transmitter worn on the golfer's body. Switching the… »5/18/08 6:30pm5/18/08 6:30pm

NeverMore Putter Grip Retrieves Golf Balls By Sucking More Than You Do

There are very few gadgets out there today where saying "sucks balls" in the description is a compliment, but these putter grip replacements from NeverMore are one such example. The rubber grips replace your putter's normal grip, and allow you to retrieve a golf ball from the cup without bending over. They come in a… »4/27/08 6:30pm4/27/08 6:30pm

We've Got Wood: Callaway's FT-i Driver Has Square Head, Drives Straighter?

This is a big day for golfers, the day Callaway rolls out its square-headed FT-i driver using what the company calls "Fusion Technology." Just like the old PF Flyer sneakers of yesteryear whose makers claimed would make you run faster and jump higher, these clubs are supposed to improve your golfing performance.… »2/15/07 10:44am2/15/07 10:44am