4 Ways to Use Your Smartphone for a Good Cause

Most of us are spending an inordinate amount of time on our smartphones, those glowing devices that are always by our side, so why not use some of that time to help others and promote worthy causes? Here are four ideas you might want to consider—and you can always get back to your News Feed or high score challenge… »6/16/15 10:47am6/16/15 10:47am


Casio Exilim Coming out in Pink - Again. This Time for Breast Cancer

Pink is a four-letter word—as is cancer. This October, Casio is bringing out a rose-tinted version of its Exilim EX-Z75 in order to raise awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. How nice, I thought, a big corp doing something for lady-bumps. And then I remembered that the EX-Z75 was already out in a… »7/20/07 10:57am7/20/07 10:57am

Star Trek Voice Activated Light Dimmer: Pretend You're Talking To Computer

Just one day after a voice activated answering machine comes a voice activated light dimmer, complete with wholly unnecessary Star Trek (no, not that smartphone from HTC, silly goose) branding. It plugs into any power outlet then responds to Star Trek-themed commands like, "Computer, Off." Magic! It even has the voice… »2/22/07 7:46am2/22/07 7:46am