Casio Exilim Coming out in Pink - Again. This Time for Breast Cancer

Pink is a four-letter word—as is cancer. This October, Casio is bringing out a rose-tinted version of its Exilim EX-Z75 in order to raise awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. How nice, I thought, a big corp doing something for lady-bumps. And then I remembered that the EX-Z75 was already out in a… » 7/20/07 10:57am 7/20/07 10:57am

Star Trek Voice Activated Light Dimmer: Pretend You're Talking To…

Just one day after a voice activated answering machine comes a voice activated light dimmer, complete with wholly unnecessary Star Trek (no, not that smartphone from HTC, silly goose) branding. It plugs into any power outlet then responds to Star Trek-themed commands like, "Computer, Off." Magic! It even has the voice… » 2/22/07 7:46am 2/22/07 7:46am