Google Search Updates: Less Content Farm Spam, More Recipes

Two awesome things are happening with Google's search engine. First, Google is finally going after the content farms that flood their search results with posts that care more about SEO than content. Wanting to filter that noise out, Google is pushing forward a new search algorithm which identifies posts from those… »2/24/11 10:45pm2/24/11 10:45pm

Ericsson's Pretty Tower Tube Cell Towers Now Wind-Powered

We like Ericsson's idea for the original Tower Tube »10/09/08 10:20am10/09/08 10:20am—take something as ubiquitous and ugly as a cell tower and add a touch of nice design and a streamlined manufacturing process that saves money and energy. Now they're taking the idea in another cool direction by adding a four-blade vertical wind turbine to the…