Don't Refresh Your Browser, This Distorted Storage Unit Was Carved This…

It looks like a JPG download error or an image that was dragged across a scanner, but believe it or not this is how this Good Vibrations storage unit was intended to look. Embracing the New Aesthetic, the piece turns what would normally be considered an error into art. Albeit a piece of art that looks downright… » 3/14/13 11:00am 3/14/13 11:00am

Good Vibrations' Vibrating Shoes Give Your Feet a Treat

They say your feet are the most ignored part of your body. Well, a company by the name of Good Vibrations is planning on changing that. They've created a show with a built-in massager that soothes your aching feet with the press of a button. You can choose when you want the massaging to begin and there's even a… » 2/16/07 11:50am 2/16/07 11:50am