Brilliant Auto-Inflating Tires Pump Themselves Up As They Roll

There's a long list of reasons why you should keep your vehicle's tires properly inflated—from better mileage to safer handling. Goodyear has made this motorist's chore extra easy with its new Air Maintenance Technology system, which automatically keeps a tire at the proper PSI using a self-contained passive pump. »9/21/12 9:40am9/21/12 9:40am

CIA Airlines: Inflatable Getaway Plane Delivered Upon Request

You find yourself held under "house arrest" in a remote jungle region of Indonesia, sometime in the late 1950s. You may have your suit, fedora and at least one halfway decent tie, but the chances of getting back to the US of A seem slim. The CIA thinks you're not so dispensable, so spytechs—with the help of the always… »5/21/08 8:50pm5/21/08 8:50pm