Sony's Xperia Z Might Be the Next Google Edition Phone

Whether Google’s dumping the Nexus line or not, it seems the “Google Edition” series is growing fast. First we had the Samsung Galaxy S4 without all that bloat, then an HTC One with stock Android, and now rumours are circling that we’ll get a Sony Xperia Z with Jelly Bean sans skin the way Google intended. »6/06/13 7:17am6/06/13 7:17am

Android's Gmail App Updated For Priority Inbox and Better UI

Because Google's able to update individual core Android apps in phones running 2.2 without waiting for a large, bulky patch that updates the entire system, people with newer devices get a better Gmail app today. Besides "limited support" for Priority Inbox and better handling of replies and quoted text, you also have… »9/21/10 3:06pm9/21/10 3:06pm