Google Brings Push Gmail, Google Maps Street View, Other Tight Integration to the G1

Android is here, and as to be expected with a Google-made mobile OS, there's a bit of Google App fanciness going on. In fact, it's designed with Google Apps in mind so much that whether or not you're a user of Gmail and other services might determine how useful the phone will be to you. The G1 will be the first phone… »9/23/08 11:42am9/23/08 11:42am

Google Media Server Helps Bridge Gap Between PC and TV

Google Media Server is a Google Desktop add-on that provides a way to get PC media content onto your TV. With the help of a UPnP device, Google Media Server collects all the relevant media files from your PC and makes them available over a local host. While it doesn't seem as direct as a device like SlingCatcher, it's… »6/27/08 7:24pm6/27/08 7:24pm

Google To Offer Additional Online Storage Up To 250 GB

Google announced on their blog that they're offering additional storage for their Gmail, Google Apps, and Picasa services. Storage sizes of 6, 25, 100, and 250 GB are available at prices ranging between 20 and 500 dollars a year. We hoped for more flexibility in how the storage could be used, but it's nice for those… »8/10/07 7:19pm8/10/07 7:19pm