Google Pays $125 Million to Writers and Buys Us Some Free Books

Google has been scanning somewhere around 3,000 books per day for its Google Book Search program. The only problem was that they never got permission from ­ The Authors Guild or the Association of American Publishers. Today the three organizations reached an agreement that involved Google paying $125 million in… »10/28/08 5:20pm10/28/08 5:20pm

Google Announces Plan to Open Online Bookstore; World Domination Details to Follow

We knew that the beta of Google Book Search really was, for once, just a beta version of a much grander project. Now we know what that project is. BusinessWeek is reporting that Google has disclosed to publishers its intentions to expand its Book Search beyond a mere search and preview service into one where users… »1/23/07 8:45am1/23/07 8:45am