You Can Get Chromecast Tomorrow (And Cheaper) If You Buy From Amazon

This may turn out to be a mistake on Amazon's part, but right now Google Chromecast is listed as being for sale, right now, and Prime-eligible. That means you can have the crazy new must-buy streaming dongle shipped to you by the end of the week for free if you're a Prime member, or by end of day tomorrow for an extra… »7/24/13 4:37pm7/24/13 4:37pm

You'd Be Crazy Not to Buy Google Chromecast (SUPER SAD UPDATE)

Google's relationship with television is spotty, at best. Google TV, whether as a set-top box or as a built-in product, has been an ongoing punchline. It didn't even sell television shows in the Play Store until a year ago. But Chromecast is different. It's Google's cross-platform answer to AirPlay, a video-friendly… »7/24/13 2:02pm7/24/13 2:02pm