Google Docs Levels Up: Unlocks Pivot Table Powers

Google Docs went Ding! today and gained some additional functionality, rolling out natively-supported pivot tables. The pivot table, as any A/R Coordinator worth his salt can tell you, allows data from one workbook to be summarized in another, saving huge amounts of time and brainpower. This function been available on… » 5/17/11 6:05pm 5/17/11 6:05pm

Google Docs for Android

You know Google Docs, it's the fantastic text editing, word processing web app from the Google. And cruising Google Docs via the mobile browser has long been fine! But nothing beats a dedicated app—which is now an option for Android users. » 4/27/11 2:51pm 4/27/11 2:51pm

What is it?

Google Docs, Free, AndroidThe app, long anticipated by Android… » 4/27/11 2:51pm 4/27/11 2:51pm