The Greatest Google Doodles From Each Year of Google History

Today marks the official 15th birthday of everyone's favorite startup search engine turned tech giant turned Big Brother. And even though many have had their gripes, it's hard not to look back at our Google-fueled time online with a sense of fondness. Because no matter where you might find yourself in life, you know… »9/04/13 3:20pm9/04/13 3:20pm

Escape from Roswell with Google's Intergalactic Point-and-Click Doodle

Today is the 66th anniversary of Roswell, whatever Roswell really was. But according to a festive Google Doodle, it was definitely an alien crash-landing. And also a point-and-click adventure. If you can spare a few minutes—you can spare a few minutes—it's worth investigating, with or without a crew of federal… »7/08/13 11:45am7/08/13 11:45am

Challenge Your Friends and Claim Zamboni Dominance With Today's Google Doodle

This morning Google blessed bored office drones around the world with another playable doodle that celebrates Frank Zamboni's 112th birthday. The game has players guiding the iconic ice resurfacing machine he invented back in 1949 across a rink, as more and more skaters mar its surface between rounds. It's no Grand… »1/16/13 8:52am1/16/13 8:52am

Google's Rad Synth Doodle Explained By Moog Music Chief Engineer

We first got a look at the Google Doodle celebrating Robert Moog's 78th birthday on yesterday, and now it's live in the US. Synthtastic! But, uh, how do all of those knobs and sliders work? Here's an excellent explainer on how to play the synth by Moog Music Chief Engineer Cyril Lance. Hint: Start out by… »5/23/12 9:49am5/23/12 9:49am

Today's Transfixing Google Doodle Celebrates the Magic of Waves

Blame Google if you find yourself staring at your screen, unable to remember what you were about to search for on the Internet. Today's Google Doodle celebrates the 155th birthday of German physicist Heinrich Hertz whose experiments with electromagnetic waves paved the way for the radio—and everything wireless you've… »2/22/12 9:44am2/22/12 9:44am