Google's Doodle Is a Lovely Maurice Sendak Birthday Tribute

When Maurice Sendak died in 2012, there were plenty of moving tributes—both written and crafted—celebrating his legacy. But today, which would have been his 85th birthday, Google has added another wonderful tribute to the list: a Google Doodle that leads us through his most-loved stories. » 6/10/13 8:42am 6/10/13 8:42am

This Morning's Google Doodle You Weren't Meant to See

Google, topical as always, prepared one of its famed doodles in celebration of today's passing asteroid and the fact that we're all not post-apocalyptic shadows of our former selves. The Google Doodle team, however, couldn't have anticipated how unfortunately relevant they actually would be following the unexpected… » 2/15/13 2:46pm 2/15/13 2:46pm