It's Going to Be a Real Pain Downloading Harry Potter Books to Kindle

J.K. Rowling made a splash when she announced Harry Potter will be available as ebooks for the first time, through a Pottermore website launching this Fall. Thankfully she's allowed Google—and these ereaders—a chance to actually, y'know, read them. » 7/20/11 11:50am 7/20/11 11:50am

Google's Massive Ebook Store Opens This Summer

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google's going to join the ebook fray as early as this June. If Amazon thought the iBookstore was crowding their turf already, wait until they have to fight off Google Editions. » 5/04/10 12:19pm 5/04/10 12:19pm

Google Plans to Sell eBooks By the End of 2009

As Amazon slowly inches toward sealing up the entire eBook industry, Google's getting antsy. Speaking at the BookExpo convention this weekend, a company rep stated Google's intentions to sell eBooks by the end of the year, adding ominously, "this time we mean it." » 6/01/09 6:56am 6/01/09 6:56am