Create an HD Fly-Through Video Tour in Google Earth Pro

In January, Google decided to make Google Earth Pro free for everyone—that means we can all make use of features that previously cost $400 a year, and one of those features is the ability to record HD video of your tours. From floating along the Grand Canyon to zooming into your local neighborhood, here's how to… » 2/25/15 10:29am 2/25/15 10:29am

Google Earth Pro Is Now Available for Free

Google Earth Pro, the premium version of Google's popular Google Earth service, is now free. Google sliced the price from $400 a year, so this is a pretty solid deal. If you like to make 3D measurements or create HD videos of virtual trips around the world, I'd jump on this. You can download the software key directly… » 1/31/15 4:00pm 1/31/15 4:00pm

Google Earth's New Imagery Is So Much Better

Remember how we told you that the resolution of Google Maps' satellite images would soon be improving? Well, it's not the night and day double the resolution just yet, but today Google has begun rolling out much-improved 3D images to Google Earth. New York and San Francisco are the first to get the high-res treatment,… » 12/11/14 12:21pm 12/11/14 12:21pm

This Chrome Extension Turns New Tabs Into Aerial Art

Want an easy way to liven up your day? Download the new Earth View from Google Maps extension for Chrome. It shows you a striking new satellite image every time you open a new tab, and it's delightful. » 10/13/14 3:00pm 10/13/14 3:00pm

Space Detective Is Now a Job That Exists

Want to use some damning images from Google Earth to back up your case in a lawsuit? Right now it's not quite that easy. Which is why a satellite imaging specialist and space lawyer (actual thing) have just formed what is about to become every NASA-loving kid's dream job: the world's very first space detective agency. » 10/08/14 4:20pm 10/08/14 4:20pm

Google Just Bought a Swarm of Satellites To Make Maps Way Better

Today, Skybox Imaging announced it's being bought by Google for a cool $500 million in cash. Known for its high-resolution satellite imagery and video, Skybox's fleet of satellites could make Google Earth a whole lot crisper—and help fulfill Google's vision of worldwide satellite-based internet access. » 6/10/14 2:07pm 6/10/14 2:07pm

Virtually Tour the Path of Everest's Deadliest Climbing Accident

The April 18 avalanche on Mount Everest that killed 16 Sherpas training for an ascent has been declared the deadliest mountaineering accident ever recorded on the peak. Now Discovery has created an immersive web experience to help illustrate what happened. » 6/04/14 4:40pm 6/04/14 4:40pm

L.A.'s Wilshire Boulevard From the Air, Then & Now

Next to Sunset, Wilshire Boulevard may be one of Los Angeles' most iconic streets: a 15.8-mile ribbon stretching from its historic core to the Pacific, the address of some of its most celebrated Art Deco architecture, the axis of the its so-called linear downtown. » 5/18/14 3:00pm 5/18/14 3:00pm

Hollywood From the Air: 1965 vs. 2014

Hollywood, 1965: the futuristic Cinerama Dome has just touched down on Sunset Boulevard. This spaceship of a movie theater—built in 1963 to showcase the three-projector Cinerama process—seems to bob amid a sea of surface parking. On the left, a new 22-story office tower rises from a concrete plaza at the corner of… » 4/08/14 5:55pm 4/08/14 5:55pm

12 Years of Deforestation in One Sobering Animation

What do you get when Google, the University of Maryland, and NASA's Landsat 7 satellite team up? A very sobering view of man's impact on the earth. It only took us 12 years to destroy all that forest. » 11/14/13 7:00pm 11/14/13 7:00pm

I'm a Bird! This Pigeon Simulator Lets You Soar Over London

Who hasn't dreamed of soaring over a city, dipping between the rooftops, peering into people's windows? A new simulator allows anyone to have a real-life birds-eye view of London. » 10/30/13 10:20am 10/30/13 10:20am

You Can Now Explore the Galapagos Islands With Google Street View

The Galapagos is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, and it was key in Charles Darwin's findings in forming the the scientific argument of evolution. You may never get to travel to the volcanic archipelago in person, but now thanks to Google, you can explore it through 360-degree imagery on Street View. » 9/12/13 10:22am 9/12/13 10:22am

Google Street View's Greatest, Weirdest Hits

Google Street View has something of a history for catching us in our more—uh, delicate states. And our more defecatory states. And our more dead states. While the latter is mostly just depressing, the rest are almost always delightful. And luckily for us, Captain-Obviouss has kindly prompted his fellow Redditors to… » 7/12/13 1:43pm 7/12/13 1:43pm

The Omnipotent Engineers at Google Have Banished Clouds From Earth

Google Earth may give us a real, live view of what our blue marble actually looks like, but even reality could stand to be improved a bit now and then. So to make sure you get the beautiful summer you deserve—while you're sitting inside a dark room hunched over your computer screen—Google has taken steps to give you a… » 6/26/13 1:05pm 6/26/13 1:05pm

The Largest Photograph of Earth Ever Taken Is an Amazing Sight

In April NASA's Landsat Data Continuity Mission took a huge panorama. From 438 miles above the Earth, the satellite shot a 6,000-mile-long, 120-mile-wide strip of planet from Russia to South Africa. It is aptly named ‘The Long Swath.’ Oh and it's 19.06 gigapixels. » 5/19/13 4:09pm 5/19/13 4:09pm

See the Last 20 Years of the Whole World in the Biggest Timelapse Yet

Google Earth wasn't around until about 2005, but with the power of archival satellite footage, Google's whipped up the most comprehensive timelapse known to man, covering the past 20 years of Earth. The ultimate, beautiful conclusion of this little project? Dope GIFs. » 5/09/13 10:01am 5/09/13 10:01am

Lost Egyptian Pyramids Appear on Google Earth

If only Howard Carter had access to satellite imagery, maybe he would have discovered more than just King Tut's tomb. Fortunately, Google Earth means that anyone can examine the planet for lost treasures. Including Angela Micol, a satellite archaeology researcher who thinks she has uncovered previously undiscovered … » 8/13/12 12:00pm 8/13/12 12:00pm

Watch This Immense Housing Structure Explode on Google Earth

Glasgow's Red Road tower block housing complex was constructed by the Glasgow Housing Associating (GHA) between 1964 and 1969, with the intention of providing a modern housing community for a whopping 5000 residents. » 6/12/12 9:00pm 6/12/12 9:00pm

The Dutch Have the Weirdest Google Maps Censorship

The Netherlands have given the world so much: pizza, sex tourism, The Hague, Rembrandt, Vermeer—and let's not Aelbert Cuyp. In the tradition of the last three, the Dutch now serve up the most artistically bizarre Google blurring ever. » 5/03/12 4:00pm 5/03/12 4:00pm