Preeminent Cyborg Afraid Google's Glass Design Might Be Wack

Google's been pushing its Project Glass hard lately, with Sergey Brin wearing a pair everywhere, and going so far as to call smartphones "emasculating." The space-age specs do seem pretty cool, but everyone's favorite Canadian cyborg Steve Mann told IEEE Specturm that he's concerned about its design. And he would know. »3/02/13 10:10am3/02/13 10:10am

Some People Are Filming a "Documentary" Using Google Glass in New York Right Now

There's a lot of really weird stuff that happens on any given day in New York City. Which is why I like to take the occasional day off during the week just to walk around and take in my surroundings. Take, for example, this random video shoot I came across of some grungy folks equipped with Google Glass in the Lower… »2/28/13 4:20pm2/28/13 4:20pm

Google's Project Glass Is at the FCC Office Awaiting Approval

Engadget has spotted an application for Google's Project Glass approval from the FCC. It gives us a closer look at the heads-up display and it might mean we aren't far from the release of the Explorer Edition developer units. After all, Google held its first hackathon last weekend in San Francisco, with another… »1/31/13 3:15pm1/31/13 3:15pm

Wearing Knockoff Google Glasses Is Even More Embarrassing Than Wearing Real Google Glasses

Vuzix, which specializes in technofancy optics, is so eager to ride the coattails of Google Glasses that they're releasing their own version: the Vuzix Smart Glasses M100. The M100 smart glasses run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 720p camera along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and head-tracking sensors. Which means,… »11/13/12 9:00pm11/13/12 9:00pm

Would Your Rather Wear a Computer on Your Face or Your Body?

When it comes to interacting with computers in unorthodox ways, Google Glasses are the first thing that come to mind. But it's not the only concept. There's also the computer which is integrated into our clothing. We've fitness and health concepts that can provide bio-feedback, and others which can control your… »8/02/12 5:00pm8/02/12 5:00pm

Apple's Patent Sketch for Its Own Retina-ized Version of Google Glasses is Awwwwwkward

Apple has long been working on a Google Glasses-like heads up display, and have been granted a couple of patents already. But Patently Apple has drudged up their latest one, which promises to bring Retina-quality visuals to the little screen. And intriguing as that may be, the more entertaining thing here is the… »7/27/12 12:40pm7/27/12 12:40pm