Android App Inventor Will Live On At MIT

Last week, we shared the news that Google's Android App Inventor was being shelved, despite its popularity as an educational tool. Last week's bad news is this week's good news as App Inventor has found a new home at MIT. » 8/16/11 7:12pm 8/16/11 7:12pm

7 Ways Google Labs Changed the Internet Forever

Google closed the doors on Google Labs today. The ongoing projects aren't disappearing; they'll be absorbed into other departments, and many have already "graduated" into full-fledged products. The spirit and mission of the initiative will live on, just in a decidedly less centralized way. » 7/20/11 5:45pm 7/20/11 5:45pm

The 20 Best Google Labs Add-Ons For Gmail

The best thing about Google is that its employees have all the time in the world-or at least, a Google-bestowed chunk of hours-to devote to various side projects. You might recognize some of these. Like, say, Gmail. » 5/12/11 6:00pm 5/12/11 6:00pm

The most important part of email is being able to express your raw, inner turmoil through…

Gmail's 'Got the Wrong Bob?' Feature Keeps You From Emailing Nude…

Nothing's worse than realizing you sent those pictures of you in the shower to Mom instead of Mona. Trust me. Now, Gmail is here to help you out, making sure you're sending emails to who you intend to. » 10/13/09 2:00pm 10/13/09 2:00pm

Gmail Gets Twice as Useful with Multiple Panes/Inboxes

Gmail's latest Labs creation is one of the best yet: panes that let you create separate inboxes using filters and labels. Anal-retentive over-organizers of the world, rejoice! » 2/06/09 10:52am 2/06/09 10:52am

Gmail Offers Canned Responses for the Lazy Emailer in All of Us

Gmail has just added a new Labs feature that you can turn on if, like me, you're very lazy: Canned Responses. Find yourself always typing the same message in emails, over and over again? You know, like "Dear Mom, Please send money, I'm still looking for a job, I promise" or "Can't hang out tonight, playing video games… » 10/22/08 11:34am 10/22/08 11:34am