Why Google Shouldn't Make Its Own Phone

According to Business Insider, Google has bigger plans for Motorola than just hoarding Moto's patents. BI is saying Google now wants to use Motorola's team to create its own Google smartphones and tablets. Meaning Google doesn't just want to develop another Nexus One, it wants to make its own iPhone. And that would be… » 4/18/12 9:00am 4/18/12 9:00am

The Government Is Taking a Closer Look at Google Eating Motorola

When ginormous companies try to buy gigantic companies, there's always cries about monopolies, anti-trustiness and all those nasty words. So it's really no surprise that the Department of Justice is now making a "second request" for more information about Google swallowing Motorola. » 9/28/11 6:14pm 9/28/11 6:14pm

Did Google Only Get "Crap Patents" When They Bought Motorola?

When Google ponied up $12.5 billion to swallow Motorola Mobility, many people thought it was to snare some patents to protect Android from the likes of Apple and Microsoft. But according to a patent expert, all Google got were some "crap patents". » 9/01/11 12:09pm 9/01/11 12:09pm

Google Will Pay Motorola $2.5 Billion if Their Marriage Falls Through

Google and Motorola have a prenup of sorts worked out before the wedding. Well, really more like Google buying Motorola as a sex slave. But still—the former will hand the latter $2.5 bil if the deal collapses. [BusinessWeek] » 8/15/11 3:07pm 8/15/11 3:07pm

Create the Perfect Motorola Android Phone

So some stuff happened today in smartphone land! Google will likely soon own Motorola, giving it the chance to have complete control over a piece of hardware. To make it perfect. To make it theirs. Why don't you try first? » 8/15/11 1:24pm 8/15/11 1:24pm