How To Find and Delete Everything You've Ever Said to Google Now

Google likes to keep all of your voice searches on its servers so it can more easily learn to recognize your voice, understand what you might be looking for in the future, and, of course, serve you ads. If you want to review this archive of Google Now searches and clear it out, here’s what to do. »10/13/15 1:45pm10/13/15 1:45pm

Hide Sports Scores on Google Now to Avoid Spoilers

If you’re a sports fan then you might well have Google Now set up to ping you with updates about your favorite teams... but what about those times when you’re watching the game later and don’t want to spoil the surprise? The Android app lets you hide score spoilers until you’re ready to see them. »9/14/15 9:50am9/14/15 9:50am

​Amazon Echo Review: I Just Spoke to the Future And It Listened

It only took me a few hours to get cozy with my new assistant. “Alexa,” I barked at the nine-inch black cylinder on my coffee table, “Shut up.” The lights on top of the cylinder went dark; the embarrassing 90s music playing from its speaker cut out. “Alexa, what’s the weather?” I paused with anticipation. “45 degrees… »6/25/15 3:20pm6/25/15 3:20pm

Google’s Latest Android Feature Can’t Come To Cars Soon Enough

It’s an all-too-common scenario. You’re driving and get a text from a friend. They say you should meet at [insert bar/restaurant/S&M club here]. If you’re a responsible adult you pull over, open the maps app, search for the location, tap it, select navigate, and then get back on the road. But what if all that could be… »5/29/15 12:55pm5/29/15 12:55pm

What's the Worst Thing About Virtual Assistants?

There’s a rumor that Apple will be redesigning Siri to better resemble its colorful Watch version. Cool. But with Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana getting a lot of development attention on their platforms, including a male version of Cortana, Siri probably needs more than just an interface overhaul. In fact, there’s… »5/06/15 6:15pm5/06/15 6:15pm

With More Than 70 New Apps, Google Now Just Got Way More Useful 

Google Now is the opt-in, “just a swipe away” assistant that keeps track of everything going on in your digital life. It’s a powerful little tool meant to usurp all the Siri and Cortana alternatives, and Google made a huge stride today to make that happen, adding over 70 new apps to Google Now like Spotify, Feedly,… »4/28/15 3:59pm4/28/15 3:59pm

Identify Songs Without Shazam by Using Google Now

There are plenty of apps for identifying music while you're listening to it, but you might not know that the same functionality is built into Google Now as well—it's just one of the many features available inside Google's digital assistant that aren't immediately obvious to the casual user. If you hear a tune you… »1/28/15 10:26am1/28/15 10:26am