Want to get your hands on the Nexus 5 ASAP? Sprint will have it for $150 starting November 8th, while T-Mobile only has an email update you can sign up for at the moment. [Sprint, T-Mobile] » 10/31/13 2:30pm 10/31/13 2:30pm

Google Lost the Nexus 4 in a Bar

In a very, heh, familiar story, Google apparently lost the upcoming Nexus 4 in a bar last month. Yes, the LG Nexus phone we expect to be unveiled next week. Yes, the phone that's probably going to take the crown as the best Android phone available when it comes out. » 10/26/12 6:40pm 10/26/12 6:40pm

The Original Google Phone Was Almost a Blackberry Clone

In the ongoing Google versus Oracle courtroom saga, new documents have emerged detailing an early prototype for an Android smartphone. These images and specs were presented to T-Mobile back in 2006. Thank god Google went back to the drawing board. » 4/25/12 6:40pm 4/25/12 6:40pm

Why Google Shouldn't Make Its Own Phone

According to Business Insider, Google has bigger plans for Motorola than just hoarding Moto's patents. BI is saying Google now wants to use Motorola's team to create its own Google smartphones and tablets. Meaning Google doesn't just want to develop another Nexus One, it wants to make its own iPhone. And that would be… » 4/18/12 9:00am 4/18/12 9:00am

Sprint's Best Phone Is Now Only $100

You can now get the Google Nexus S 4G for only a c-note. (Of course, with a 2-year contract.) Not bad considering it's our favorite Sprint phone—you're guaranteed the latest software updates as soon as they're available. [TechCrunch] » 7/14/11 6:03pm 7/14/11 6:03pm

Samsung Nexus S Will Be $529 Unlocked, $199 With T-Mobile Contract

The new Google Phone is coming December 16, and when it does it'll run you $529 unlocked or $199 with a new two year T-Mobile contract. Like its predecessor, you'll be able to get one online directly through Google, or (or!) at Best Buy locations, Best Buy Mobile stores, and on BestBuy.com. [Nexus S] » 12/06/10 4:58pm 12/06/10 4:58pm

Samsung Nexus S: The New Official Google Phone

The new Google Phone is here: The Nexus S. Built by Samsung, it's got a 4-inch Super AMOLED "Contour Display," 1GHz Hummingbird processor, NFC support, and most importantly, it's running a completely clean version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. » 12/06/10 11:19am 12/06/10 11:19am

How You Can Still Buy a Nexus One From Google

It was a sad day last month when Google announced that they would no longer sell the Googlephone, the Nexus One, through their website. But wait! The company's now offering the Nexus One as a developer phone, unlocked, for $529. » 8/05/10 1:06pm 8/05/10 1:06pm

Google Receives Last Nexus One Shipment

Google just received their last Nexus One shipment and once this current stock sells out, it's officially goodbye to the Google Phone Store and sayanora Nexus One. Even though it wasn't the most successful Android phone, I still think it's the best option for people who want the authentic Android experience. » 7/16/10 4:31pm 7/16/10 4:31pm

Motorola Confirms They Are Working On a Google Phone

A few weeks ago we heard rumors that the Motorola Shadow could earn the distinction of Nexus Two. Today Motorola confirmed that they are working with Google on a new phone to be sold directly to consumers. » 1/28/10 4:22pm 1/28/10 4:22pm

Hold it! The iPhone Is Still Steve Woz's Favorite

After a quote that Google's Nexus One is his "favorite gadget" went around, Steve Wozniak took the time to leave us a note. Read on for his explanation of how everyone misunderstood him and why fanboy-style arguments are ridiculous. » 1/16/10 12:00am 1/16/10 12:00am

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak's Favorite Gadget? The Google Phone

Yes, you read that right. Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and Gizmodo guest contributor extraordinaire, has confessed that his favorite gadget is Google's Nexus One. Oh Woz, my darling, you just broke my iPhone-powered heart. » 1/14/10 10:00pm 1/14/10 10:00pm

How Existing T-Mobile Customers Can Score The $180 Nexus One Discount

Last week we learned that existing T-Mobile customers were getting screwed on the Nexus One. Chances are Google and T-Mobile will work this out, but if you are impatient, here is one way current customers can get the $180 price. » 1/11/10 11:35am 1/11/10 11:35am

Only New T-Mobile Customers See Full Nexus One Discount

One of our readers has encountered a problem with his Nexus One upgrade. Despite being a T-Mobile customer that qualifies for the full $180 contract price, his phone rang up at $379. HTC seems to think this is a-ok. UPDATED: » 1/05/10 4:49pm 1/05/10 4:49pm

Google Nexus One Gallery and Hands On

Like we said in the hands on, this is the best Android phone right now. And since we know you can't get enough photos of a gadget you're pining for, here's a huge gallery. » 1/05/10 3:28pm 1/05/10 3:28pm

Google Opens an Online Storefront For Android Phones

Since launch, Android has descended into a confusing soup of hardware manufacturers, carriers and software versions, while Google has watched, helplessly. Starting today, they're taking Android back: Google's selling Android phones through a unified store, starting with the Nexus One. » 1/05/10 1:57pm 1/05/10 1:57pm