Google Street View Is Going Inside Buildings (Sorta)

Google Street View is a magical realm of accidental crimes in progress, fires, and other assorted serendipitous fun. Now, you'll be able to scroll around the inside of businesses! Which is cool—but here's how it could be cooler. » 10/28/11 11:40am 10/28/11 11:40am

Businesses Have to Fight to Stay Open on Google

You're a coffeeshop barista, and today you're ready for the rush. Apron on, you open the doors to welcome the deluge of customers. Except today, it's a trickle. But why? Maybe because Google says you've gone out of business. » 9/06/11 11:20am 9/06/11 11:20am

Google Is Streamlining Google Places and Maps with My Places

Up to now, Google users have been able to manage their favorite places and personal maps with a few Google apps. Still, keeping track of them was a little disjointed. Now, Google is making the process simpler with My Places. » 6/15/11 4:50pm 6/15/11 4:50pm

QR Codes: Goodbye and Good Riddance

With the great NFC race looming, Google is axing support for QR Codes in their Places service. QR codes made a noble play for the hearts and minds of nerds, but honestly, I hope this is the first step towards their complete and utter annihilation. » 3/31/11 12:00am 3/31/11 12:00am

Google Places for iPhone

Video: Tour Hotpot, Google's New Restaurant Recommendation Engine

Google just launched Hotpot, a new service baked into Google Places that lets you rate restaurants, see which ones your friends are liking, and get recommendations of new places to check out. Let's take a look. [Google Hotpot] » 11/16/10 2:40pm 11/16/10 2:40pm

Google Place Search Organizes Local Search Results Better

After a brief play Place Search looks like something I'll be using a lot. It grabs all local services and venues when a search request is made (such as "South London gyms"), displaying all relevant info on the first page. » 10/28/10 5:00am 10/28/10 5:00am

Android's Google Maps 4.4 Update Adds Places Feature

The newest update for Android's Google Maps app offers a dedicated Places icon, for location-based business searches. Places can be opened discretely from the app launcher, offering you the same information on neighborhood establishments found via the browser-based version. [Google Mobile Blog via All Things D] » 7/27/10 12:39pm 7/27/10 12:39pm