Rumor: Google's Set Top Box Won't Replace Your Current One, But…

Google's upcoming set top box won't replace what you've already got, VideoNuze has reportedly been told by sources. Instead, it'll daisy-chain between the boxes and the TV via HDMI, bringing the best of the web to your TV. » 3/26/10 7:32am 3/26/10 7:32am

All Giz Wants: A Google Set Top Box That Doesn't Suck

Google's upcoming set top box has great pedigree: It's Android-based OS, Sony and Intel are building the guts and design and Logitech doing what Logitech does best (input devices). So please, please, please don't screw this up. » 3/18/10 4:40pm 3/18/10 4:40pm