Depth Maps Hidden in Google Street View Create Flickering Ghost-Cities

This is awesome: Patricio Gonzalez Vivo found a way to scrape Google Street View for its depth map data, then rebuilt the streets as ghostly spatial models in openFrameworks. The weird and flickering results, seen in the video above, are like a holograph dreaming of electric streets, with facades and sidewalks tuning… » 3/25/14 4:40pm 3/25/14 4:40pm

These Dream Worlds Are Made From Boring Google Street View Scenes

The wide-angle perspectives of Google Street View are almost instantly recognizable these days, but Aaron Hobson turns the imagery captured by the roving cameras into exotic worlds that look anything but familiar. » 3/18/14 10:22am 3/18/14 10:22am

Insane Seattle Bus Crash Captured On Google Street View

Google Street View: Is there anything it can't do? If it's not taking us inside Doctor Who's TARDIS or various automotive museums, it's catching the immediate aftermath of breathtaking charter bus accidents in Seattle. » 12/09/13 3:53pm 12/09/13 3:53pm

Google Street View Now Shows You the Inside of Airports

To make your holiday travels easier, Google Street View now takes you inside 16 international airports and over 50 train stations around the world. So don't worry about finding the baggage check using archaic methods like looking at signs. Now you can map it! » 11/26/13 12:40pm 11/26/13 12:40pm

Tour the Canals of Venice with Google Street View

Taking a vacation to Venice can be a real pain in the ass. Tourists flock to the watery city like like fire ants on a fallen sandwich. Every restaurant is overpriced. The place floods all the time. But you can now avoid all those annoyances thanks to Google Street View. » 11/14/13 10:15am 11/14/13 10:15am

You Don't Have to Enlist to Tour a 50-Year-Old Sub on Street View

Google Street View is slowly becoming the window to a world that most of us may never get to see in real life. And if you've already explored every last nook and cranny of CERN's Large Hadron Collider via Street View, you can now head on over to the UK and poke around the retired HMS Ocelot; a 50 year old retired… » 11/04/13 9:20am 11/04/13 9:20am

Meet the Wildlife Inadvertently Captured By Google's Street View Cameras

As part of National Geographic's new Great Nature project, the magazine has collected more than 100,000 photographs that capture the world's biodiversity—and some of them hail from very unusual sources. Case in point: An album "curated" by Google Maps, which collects wildlife accidentally captured by Google Street View. » 9/27/13 11:00am 9/27/13 11:00am

You Can Now Explore the Large Hadron Collider on Street View

Google Street View is a great way to explore parts of the world you've never visited. And thanks to Google's European team, it's now one of the easiest ways to explore a facility you're not exactly allowed to just stroll through whenever you want. Google's panoramic cameras were given access to CERN's Large Hadron… » 9/26/13 9:11am 9/26/13 9:11am

Google Street View Driver Rams 2 Buses, 1 Truck in Failed Hit-and-Run

It's not a good year to be a Google Street View driver—or rather, in this case, to be anywhere in the vicinity of one. In Bogor, Indonesia, one ill-fated Google Street View car got itself into a bit of trouble when the driver's failed attempt at a hit-and-run involved him ramming into two large public busses and a… » 9/13/13 10:20am 9/13/13 10:20am

A Gang of Thai Villagers Tried to Arrest a Google Street View Driver

Google Street View drivers haven't exactly had the best rep recently, what with that whole collecting-private-Wi-Fi-data debacle and their general propensity for photographing naked women, defecators, murders, and mid-coital couples, just to name a few. And now, one almost got arrested by a group Thai villagers. » 8/15/13 3:27pm 8/15/13 3:27pm

Google Street View's Greatest, Weirdest Hits

Google Street View has something of a history for catching us in our more—uh, delicate states. And our more defecatory states. And our more dead states. While the latter is mostly just depressing, the rest are almost always delightful. And luckily for us, Captain-Obviouss has kindly prompted his fellow Redditors to… » 7/12/13 1:43pm 7/12/13 1:43pm

Guess Where You Are in the World with Google Street View

Think you know your geography? Think you know what a country looks like? What if you were dropped in the middle of no where and had to figure out where you were? That's what GeoGuessr is. It's an insanely fun game that gives you an image from Google Street View and asks you to point out where you are on Earth. It's… » 5/10/13 12:33am 5/10/13 12:33am

Google Street View Just Added Haunting Panoramas From the Fukushima…

It's been almost two years since the disaster at Fukushima, but the surrounding area is still off-limits, and will continue to be for who knows how long. The town Namie-machi has been vacant since its evacuation on March 11, 2011, and now Google's uploaded Street View images of the eerie, hollow shell that remains. » 3/27/13 4:50pm 3/27/13 4:50pm