What Is Google's Holiday Doodle?

In a goal to end the year with a bang, Google's Doodlers have drawn up a creative, artsy doodle for this year's holiday season. It's 17 interactive portraits of holiday scenes around the world and took six months of work. » 12/25/10 2:00pm 12/25/10 2:00pm

Google Used Video in Their Logo For the First Time Today

Google is getting even more daring (and bandwidth-hogging) with their doodles, with today's logo celebrating John Lennon's 70th birthday being their first to feature video. It's a clever embedded YouTube of Imagine, one of the greatest songs ever written. » 10/08/10 12:40pm 10/08/10 12:40pm

What Does Today's Google Logo Mean?

Google UK users (and perhaps other countries, too) were greeted to an amazing sight today: an interactive logo made out of colored balls. But why? Is Google demonstrating the power of HTML5? Celebrating the birth of kiddywinks' ball pits? » 9/07/10 4:20am 9/07/10 4:20am