Google Maps Update for Android Lets You Bug Friends With Requests to Check-In

Version 5.2 of Google Maps for Android adds two new features: the ability to post your reviews of restaurants etc straight to Twitter (please refrain from spamming your followers, people), but now you can also ask friends to check-in with you using Latitude, so you know when they've arrived somewhere. »3/04/11 5:40am3/04/11 5:40am

Google Maps for Android Gets Biking Directions, Navigation Shortcuts and Location Sharing

Google Maps for Android just introduced new features for biking directions, navigation shortcuts, and location sharing. This adds to the growing list of features—navigation, labs, voice search, business reviews, latitude, layers, my maps, and starred items—available on Android and not on the iPhone. The update is… »5/11/10 4:14pm5/11/10 4:14pm