Aptera Electric Trikemobile Finds a Friend (and $2.75m) in Google

Pre-orders for the awesome Aptera electric car opened up last year, but the company has been relatively quiet about their progress as of late. Google's philanthropic arm has just thrown a cool $2.75 million their way, and now they're being a little more forthright: the Aptera Typ-1 is due this year, same specs, at… » 7/23/08 8:52pm 7/23/08 8:52pm

Google.org Getting Into the Plug-In Hybrid Market

Is there anything that Google doesn't have it's grubby little hands on these days? Up until today we thought that cars were off of their radar, but we were wrong. Their philanthropic division, Google.org, is moving into the plug-in hybrid market. What is that you ask? Basically they are full on electric cars that you… » 6/19/07 6:54pm 6/19/07 6:54pm