Android's Pattern Lock Might Be Getting a Little More Convenient

The worst part about keeping your Android phone secure—besides the slight hassle—is having to sacrifice fun, convenient little lockscreen shortcuts. A newly granted Google patent shows a potential solution, if they ever decide to actually use it. » 8/06/13 10:10am 8/06/13 10:10am

Did Google Only Get "Crap Patents" When They Bought Motorola?

When Google ponied up $12.5 billion to swallow Motorola Mobility, many people thought it was to snare some patents to protect Android from the likes of Apple and Microsoft. But according to a patent expert, all Google got were some "crap patents". » 9/01/11 12:09pm 9/01/11 12:09pm

Google Thinks Facial Recognition Is Very, Very Bad. Except Maybe For…

Former Google CEO—and current Google evangelist—Eric Schmidt made his thoughts on facial recognition very clear yesterday, saying it was "very concerning," and that Google wouldn't dream of a database like that. Except they did! In dreamy patent form. » 5/19/11 6:50pm 5/19/11 6:50pm