New Googleplex First Look: A 1.1 Million-Square-Foot Monster Optimized By Nerds

Vanity Fair has a nice look at the new Google headquarters, including a rendering of the mammoth 1.1 million-square-foot campus. The new campus is called "Bay View." At first, you think you're just looking at a bunch of boring identical buildings. But it's designed like a search algorithm to get employees from start… »2/22/13 5:49pm2/22/13 5:49pm

Google HQ to Run on Solar Power, Sun's Stock Price Suddenly Rises

Googleplex is going solar. Well, part of it is. The Mountain View-based company announced its plans to power part of its HQ using solar panels. 9,200 solar panels to be exact. The search engine giant hopes to set an example for corporate America and said it will power up to 30% of its facilities using the good ol'… »10/17/06 1:01am10/17/06 1:01am