Hulu Private Beta Goes Live Tonight; Will YouTube Blink?

The bastard child of News Corp. and NBC's love-hate relationship with GooTube, Hulu, is making its public debut this week, with the private beta going live tonight. The log-in form's already up, but those of us at Giz who've signed up for the beta haven't gotten our invites in the mail yet, so we haven't stuck our… »10/29/07 3:40pm10/29/07 3:40pm


Viacom, Disney, Microsoft and Others Form Justice League of Copyright

A smorgasborg of media companies—Viacom, Disney, News Corp., NBC Universal, CBS, and others, including Microsoft—have formed a coalition laying out guidelines for protecting copyrights online. Their "principles" include using technology to wipe out copyright no-no content generated by users, as well as shutting it out… »10/18/07 6:30pm10/18/07 6:30pm

YouTube Antipiracy Video Identification System Enters Beta Testing

The not-so hotly anticipated GooTube antipiracy system has jumped into beta. Creatively dubbed Video Identification, it's a digital fingerprint setup where uploaded clips are matched against a stock of legit clips provided by their owners—YouTube will then follow whatever course the copyright holder wants, be it leave… »10/16/07 4:40pm10/16/07 4:40pm

Everyone and Their Mother Teams Up to Form GooTube Competitor

The equivalent of the 1992 US Men's Olympic basketball team has just gotten together to develop a competitor to GooTube. That's right, NBC, Fox, AOL, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo! have united Captain Planet style and formed a web video site not made up of crappy clips people don't want to watch. Broken by CNBC—with… »3/22/07 12:58pm3/22/07 12:58pm