Hulu Private Beta Goes Live Tonight; Will YouTube Blink?

The bastard child of News Corp. and NBC's love-hate relationship with GooTube, Hulu, is making its public debut this week, with the private beta going live tonight. The log-in form's already up, but those of us at Giz who've signed up for the beta haven't gotten our invites in the mail yet, so we haven't stuck our… » 10/29/07 3:40pm 10/29/07 3:40pm

Viacom, Disney, Microsoft and Others Form Justice League of Copyright

A smorgasborg of media companies—Viacom, Disney, News Corp., NBC Universal, CBS, and others, including Microsoft—have formed a coalition laying out guidelines for protecting copyrights online. Their "principles" include using technology to wipe out copyright no-no content generated by users, as well as shutting it out… » 10/18/07 6:30pm 10/18/07 6:30pm

YouTube Antipiracy Video Identification System Enters Beta Testing

The not-so hotly anticipated GooTube antipiracy system has jumped into beta. Creatively dubbed Video Identification, it's a digital fingerprint setup where uploaded clips are matched against a stock of legit clips provided by their owners—YouTube will then follow whatever course the copyright holder wants, be it leave… » 10/16/07 4:40pm 10/16/07 4:40pm

Everyone and Their Mother Teams Up to Form GooTube Competitor

The equivalent of the 1992 US Men's Olympic basketball team has just gotten together to develop a competitor to GooTube. That's right, NBC, Fox, AOL, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo! have united Captain Planet style and formed a web video site not made up of crappy clips people don't want to watch. Broken by CNBC—with… » 3/22/07 12:58pm 3/22/07 12:58pm

Viacom's Hypocrisy Could Defuse YouTube Lawsuit

Anyone checked out iFilm lately? Ars Technica did, and found several videos that were guilty of copyright infringement. Were any Viacom videos part of that roundup? Nope, because Viacom owns iFilm. Wait, what's that you say? Viacom couldn't possibly own a company that violates others' copyrights because right now… » 3/20/07 11:30am 3/20/07 11:30am