Sony Just Accidentally Released a New Promo for The Interview

Despite the fact that Sony has absolutely no plans to release The Interview in any way anytime soon, a new promo just popped up on YouTube. Somewhere out there, a PR intern is about to have a very, very bad day. » 12/18/14 6:44pm 12/18/14 6:44pm

Sony Execs Knew About Extensive IT Flaws Two Months Before Leaks

Earlier this year, Sony Pictures released one hell of an internal IT assessment. The report showed that not only was the company ignoring basic security protocol, its IT security was plagued with unmonitored devices, miscommunication, and a lack of accountability. It's dated Sept 25th, almost two months to the day… » 12/12/14 2:26pm 12/12/14 2:26pm

The Republican Party Has a Reagan Hologram But Is Scared It Would…

After decades of yearning, the GOP has successfully completed one of its dreams: reanimating the spirit of famed American actor Ronald Reagan. The hologram weapon is ready. And it was supposed to appear tonight—then it terrified its makers. » 8/30/12 5:32pm 8/30/12 5:32pm

Yes We Can (Profile You)

During the summer of 2011, Michelle Bachman's campaign rolled out an online video advertising campaign exclusively for Republicans likely to caucus living within one hundred miles of the straw poll in Ames, Iowa. In the months leading up to the caucuses Mitt Romney's presidential campaign purchased ads that ran before… » 2/03/12 9:22am 2/03/12 9:22am

Romney Is an iPhone: A Gadget Lover's Guide to GOP Candidates

It's president pickin' time! For you Republicans, that means you've got some important wheat to separate from some important chaff: which candidate will get your vote? No easy matter! So we've boiled it down into terms we can all understand. » 1/03/12 5:30pm 1/03/12 5:30pm

Republicans Are Afraid the Iowa Caucus Might Get Hacked

The GOP believes hackers are targeting the Iowa caucus polling system to screw with results and mess with the Republicans. I wonder why! » 12/20/11 8:55am 12/20/11 8:55am

The Republican Party Hates Science

Michele Bachmann's easily one of the GOP's most prominent candidates. She also has scientific views from the 15th century, claiming both earthquake '11 and Irene were divine warnings. That's insane. She's not alone. And that's absolutely terrifying. » 8/29/11 1:23pm 8/29/11 1:23pm

Newt Gingrich Is a "Big Fan of Going into Space" and Wants to Kill NASA

Last night's GOP debate didn't just tap the tectonic plate-moving question of whether Ron Paul likes iPhones (he doesn't!). Newt Gingrich was hit with an actually non-bullshit question: should we de-fund NASA? He didn't really answer, but loves space! » 6/14/11 3:20pm 6/14/11 3:20pm

Ron Paul Chooses BlackBerry over iPhone in Pivotal Debate Moment

Last night's New Hampshire GOP debate was a fierce one. Healthcare, war, jobs, pizza—it was all on the line, and not one candidate pulled any punches when it came to the tough questions. Like choice in smartphones. Ugh. » 6/14/11 1:20pm 6/14/11 1:20pm

Congress Will Allow the Use of Electronic Devices in the House

Republicans plan to lift the ban on the use of electronic gadgets like the iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry on the House floor. Now our lawmakers can check their Facebook and update their Twitter during those filibustering times. » 12/25/10 4:00pm 12/25/10 4:00pm

Super Tuesday Tech Special: Republican Edition

Click to viewTomorrow is Super Tuesday, meaning that from among the three Republican candidates (four if you count good ol' Ron Paul), a Republican presidential candidate should emerge. Since we're most interested in how the candidates stand on technology matters, we've presented them below. Now, we're not going to… » 2/04/08 12:00pm 2/04/08 12:00pm