AT&T Adds DataConnect Overage Charges, Pulls Plug on Unlimited Pre-Paid Data Plans

Shockingly, AT&T has discovered that *gasp* people are abusing their unlimited pre-paid data service by tapping into it with their laptops. As a result, the plug is being pulled on the $19.99/month option starting on November 12th. AT&T will also place a cap on the legitimate laptop DataConnect plan that works out to… »10/06/08 11:45am10/06/08 11:45am

Cingular Releases Pantech C120 Cameraphone For GoPhone Customers

Cingular gets its second Pantech phone with the Pantech C120 candybar, sold only to Cingular's GoPhone pay-as-you-go customers. The phone itself has a VGA camera, 65k color display, speakerphone, Java support, and the Oz IM client. There's not much else in the way of features, but it's good for PAYG customers to get… »9/15/06 8:00pm9/15/06 8:00pm