What The Special Effects in The Walking Dead Looks Like

Unlike other shows who sneakily add special effects without you realizing, The Walking Dead is so overtly gruesome and bloody and gore-y that we're completely aware that what we see is being spiced up with visual effects. Still, it's awesome to see how the effects are added. Stargate Studios shows off the reel of… » 4/06/13 2:00am 4/06/13 2:00am

Gory, Ultra-Realistic Special Effects Knock the Fear Out of Military…

It's normal to see a dismembered, screaming, blood-soaked individual and be, to say the least, completely shocked. But if you're a military medic, that costs lives. The solution? A training program that forces action in the face of (artificial) carnage. » 10/25/10 8:20pm 10/25/10 8:20pm

Bloody Stump Wrist Rests

These bloody hand and foot wrist rests aren't meant to taunt your co-workers with adolescent slasher film humor. Their intention is to honor the many who've fallen, organizing spreadsheets and returning company emails and remind you that, at any time, you could be a mouse click away from clicking no more. Just make… » 9/03/08 11:45am 9/03/08 11:45am

Gizmodo Celebrates the Fathers of Invention on Presidents' Day

Apart from bringing us laws, wars, peace, hanging chads, lobbies, sex scandals, First Ladies and Rough Riders, there have been presidents and Founding Fathers who have brought us all kinds of gadgets and inventions. Jump to see the best tech that the fearless leaders of the free world had to offer us.
» 2/18/08 1:37pm 2/18/08 1:37pm