Smashed your iPhone 5C screen recently? Looks like your days of picking shards of glass from your palms are numbered. Starting next week, Apple will finally start offering in-store screen repairs/replacements for 5C users at any Apple Store. For those of you carrying a 5S, don't worry; your day will come—eventually. » 1/17/14 1:40pm 1/17/14 1:40pm

Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass Slaughters Bacteria With Toxic Silver

Everywhere you go you're touching gross things and then touching your phone. How often do you disinfect your phone? Probably never! Luckily, Corning has developed a new version of its tough Gorilla Glass that kills bacteria. The trick is filling the glass with tiny silver bullets to murder the bastards. » 1/06/14 8:30am 1/06/14 8:30am

Gorilla Glass Will Be Coming Soon To a Curved Phone Near You

Gorilla Glass, Corning's enormously sturdy scratch- and crack-resistant touchscreen glass, is pretty impressive, found on billions of devices worldwide. Now, the glass maker has announced a novel manufacturing technique to make 3D shapes out of Gorilla Glass. » 1/03/14 5:50pm 1/03/14 5:50pm

BMW Is Going to Use Gorilla Glass in the BMW i8

After leaving most car enthusiasts wondering what's next when it introduced the all electric BMW i3, BMW released some details about the upcoming plug-in hybrid i8. At a test track showing off the sports car, BMW revealed that the i8 will be the first car to use Gorilla Glass for its windows. » 8/07/13 11:20pm 8/07/13 11:20pm

Your Next Smartphone Screen Will Be Able to Disinfect Itself

Your phone is filthy. Anything that's getting rubbed by your grimy little fingers on a ridiculously regular basis is going to be far from pristine. But Corning can help. Its newest revision of Gorilla Glass is not only ridiculously resilient, it also kills pesky germs all by itself. » 7/05/13 10:47am 7/05/13 10:47am

How Glass Changed the World—Over and Over Again

You probably haven't given much thought to the fact that there's a slab of chemically strengthened glass in your pocket, deflecting blows from keys or change or any other hard objects might slide or scrape or scratch against it, or that the hundreds of millions of similar slices of glass lining pockets around the world … » 1/30/12 2:00pm 1/30/12 2:00pm

Watch the New Crazy Thin Gorilla Glass 2 Somehow Survive 121 Pounds of …

Gorilla Glass 2 is just as strong, tough and impressive as the original Gorilla Glass. Only difference? Gorilla Glass 2 is waaaaaaaay thinner at only .8mm compared to the original Gorilla Glass at 1mm. And at that size, 20% is a big freaking deal. Nothing currently has Gorilla Glass 2 but you can be sure even more… » 1/10/12 4:03am 1/10/12 4:03am

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Only Fortified Glass, Not Gorilla Glass

Looks like Google's latest flagship Android phone is slightly less awesome than we thought it was — no Corning Gorilla glass, just 'fortified glass'. Of course Samsung didn't actually speak about the glass originally, we just hoped-and-wished it was furnished in Gorilla. [Twitter via Phandroid via Android and Me via » 10/27/11 7:10am 10/27/11 7:10am

Gorilla Glass To Protect TVs From Wiimotes Next Year

The Motorola Droid and Dell Streak are just a couple of the gadgets using Corning's high-strength Gorilla Glass for their displays, but from next year we could be seeing TVs donning stab-proof protection too. » 8/02/10 4:07am 8/02/10 4:07am